Nick Clegg

Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg was on his knees last night praying that the liberal wing of his party, headed by Simon Hughes, will be voting alongside the Conservatives to increase annual university tuition fees up to £9000.00

Following the five hour debate in parliament today, Nick Clegg, together with seventeen Lib-Dem ministers, will formally break with their election pledge [p33] to end tuition fees.    Tory leader, David Cameron, who met with ten Tory rebels last night, also faces opposition to the proposed rise in student tuition fees.

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats, Simon Hughes, who was considering his position following a meeting with his constituency party last, night told the guardian newspaper, "My local party members have asked me to rebel against and break the [coalition] agreement."

While Liberal Democrat MPs are expected to join their party's ministerial elite and force through a trebling of university tuition fees, the Liberal Democrat deputy leader, Simon Hughes, is likely to abstain, or vote against his bosses plans. 

The Conservative  dominated UK Coalition Government is expected win the commons vote that could see universities raising tuition fees to £9,000 a year.  

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