Exeter University

The University of Exeter is proposing to raise student tuition fees to £9000 for its 2012 undergraduate programmes.

If approved by the Office for Fair Access (OFFA),  Exeter will join Oxford and Cambridge who have already chosen to charge students the maximum fees permitted under new legislation.  

To charge the £9000 annual fee English universities need to satisfy the OFFA's unfair access and widening participation rules.  In practice, this will mean students from poorer families being able to claim fee waivers and bursaries.

‘This will better enable us to direct resources at widening participation, fair access and improving the student experience. It is important that students can come and study at Exeter whatever their family background. We are already working with our Students’ Guild to identify priorities for investing in the student experience," says David Allen, Registrar and Deputy Chief Executive.

The University’s Council agreed the proposal to raise student tuition fees next year at a meeting on the 17 February, however, we understand that the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, which is a partnership between Exeter and Plymouth universities, is not affected and will be announcing its own fee proposal at a later date.

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