Ten years ago Nottingham Trent University’s became home for a pair of peregrine falcons.   Since then, nesting on a little ledge near the top of the Newton Building the couple have raised sixteen chicks.  Guess what, they are at it again.

Perigrine falcon on the Newton ledge courtesy of Nottingham Trent University’s

What’s great this time is that the university has teamed up with Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust and set up the cameras so that we can keep an eye on the peregrines progress every squawk of the way.   

Over the next few months you will be able to watch live as Mrs Peregrine lays her eggs and the pair rears their chicks.

There is also more about Falcons on Nottinghan Trent's Falcons blog which is updated jointly with project partners the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust.

This exciting project is part of Nottingham Trent’s commitment to running courses that help students learn about animals and their environments.