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Cambridge University has launched a new website that it hopes will "shape the future of engagement between Jewish, Christian and Muslim traditions."

The programme, devised by the university's Faculty of Divinity, aims to make research and ideas surrounding key religious traditions more accessible to the general public.

"One of the most interactive features on the website is the wide range of academic papers that are available to view. The papers provide user-friendly resources on a variety of topics,"  a spokesperson for Cambridge said in a press release.

The academic archive uses up-to-date tagging and categorising technology so that as the bank of papers grow, they will remain easy to browse and interact with through the site utilising a range of new media.  

The highly visual site features images taken in Cambridge by web-designer Aiysha Malik.  “The images communicate what the Cambridge Inter-Faith Programme is about, as effectively as any of the text on the site. Public education is a high priority for us, and top-quality photography helps make our site accessible to a broad public audience,”  external Relations Officer, Miriam Lorie said.

The programme's work is interdisciplinary, bringing in history, scriptures, traditions, practices, ethics, law, philosophy, theology, sociology, language, politics and more.

The Inter-Faith Programme, which was started in 2002, is a flagship project of the university's that is celebrating its 800th anniversary.




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