In a drive to make higher education more accessible Cornwall College has set the ceiling on its annual tuition fees at £6000.


The college’s decision means that students starting university-level courses in 2012 will pay £3000 less in tuition fees than the £9000 maximum allowed by government.  

Many West Country universities will be charging students the highest possible annual tuition fee, including Devon’s University of Plymouth and the University of Exeter. Cornwall College Chief Executive Officer, Dave Linnell, said: Setting our tuition fees at £6000 a year will enable those wanting a high quality university-level education to receive it at an affordable rate. Our students are our priority and we want higher education to continue to be accessible to everyone and provide real opportunities in employment.”

Cornwall College is the biggest education provider in Cornwall, one of the largest colleges in the UK and offers university level courses from Tourism, Business and Health to Forensic Science, Engineering and Renewable Energy.  Dave Linnell said. “Students choose to study higher education at our colleges because of the quality of the courses and the excellent level of student support.  Contact with staff is higher than in many institutions and leads to an excellent relationship between staff and students.” 

Cornwall College is part of the Combined Universities in Cornwall

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