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Now that's enough about the richest woman in the world:

The Studentguardian was launched to provide student news, encourage wider participation in higher education and help new writers and student journalists get their stories noticed.

Chris Matthews Gabriella Armieri Simon Hadley Lewis Wilkinson

As journalists and writers ourselves, at the Student Guardian we understand how difficult it can be to get published.  A publishers agent told us recently: "not to be too discouraged, but we receive 300 submissions a week."

The simple fact is that whether you are trying to publish a book, or get an article published in the press, it's getting harder and harder for new writers to get a foot in the door.  Why? Because ownership of the media is increasingly concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer multinational corporations.

This is how it works: Before writers and journalists see their work in print, it has to pass through several media filters: The editor, the publication's owners or stakeholders, as well as their advertisers and sponsors.  All these individuals, naturally, have an interest in what is and what's not published.  Fine, maybe, for the established and well networked, but not so good for newbies.

By raising new writer's profiles the Student Guardian gives new writers and journalists a better chance of catching the eye of an agent or publisher. Writers like Matt Kemp from Cornwall who has written about media and politics for us, Gabriella Armieri a fashion writer from Coventry.  There's also Simon Hadley a new music journalist, an up-and-coming sports and travel writer Chris Matthews and motoring journalist and blogger Lewis Wilkinson.

There is space at the studentguardian for you too, and don't worry about making a few mistakes along the way, it’s often the most creative way to learn and there is no such thing as a perfect piece of work.

We hope you contact us on Facebook or Twitter so that we can get you involved and participate with the site as much, or as little as you like.  At the same time, we hope you can find ways to use the studentguardian to help boost your writing profile, build a portfolio of published work online and have fun Smile.

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