With no political party having a majority in the House of Commons the UK has a coalition government.  The coalition consists of a mixture of Liberal Democrats and Conservatives.  The two parties disagree fundamentally how universities should be funded.  

The Liberal Democrats favour a graduation tax, and before the election pledged to scrap university tuition fees altogether while the Conservatives want to keep tuition fees and increase them.     

Nick Cleggs on University Tuition Fees

"The policy is there I really think think tuition fees are wrong I think it is wrong it is wrong to saddle people with £25,000 of debt before they have even taken a first step in adult life." Says Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrat Leader.

David Cameron on University Tuition Fees

"I am afraid that I have to give it to you bluntly top up fees, tuition Fees are going to stay." Says David Cameron, Conservative Party Leader.


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