As the money dries up people are ditching the expensive foreign holiday and nights out at the pub and are heading off camping.

As the credit crunch bites we naturally cut back on non-essentials like holidays, eating out and going to the pub and are choosing instead to stay at home with a bottle of wine and a take-away. What is more surprising, in this recession, however is that people are looking to cut their drinks bill down even further by brewing their own booze.

Lee Porter, Sales Manager at Youngs Group, told the Student Guardian : "The ease of home brewing is making the hobby more popular than ever and at the moment the saving our customers make can make a big difference to their weekly budget."Home Brew Kits

Home brew has always been an option, but today it’s just that bit easier, you don't even have to add any sugar. The fact is that the process has improved so much that that anyone can produce good results and save a decent amount of money at the same time.

Do it yourself wine making is also on the up. While the savings are not as obvious as with brewing your own beer the quality of home produced wine is impressive. Let’s face, it your average bottle of three-for-a-tenner plonk can be a bit hit and miss, but with a little practice making your own vino should give you good results time and time again.

Beer Glass in Hand "Our process is the same as the professional vintners, but without the mess of crushing your own grapes and at about a third of the cost. With the starter kit at under £25.00, which has everything you need, it needn’t cost the earth ," Lee Porter at Young's added.

As the UK enters the grip of the worst recession for a generation people seem to be prepared to put in a little more effort into providing their own entertainment especially if it means cutting the cost of an evening’s drinking to a fraction of pub prices.

Lee Porter said: "Home beer and wine making is on the increase and we are definitely one of the credit crunch winners, and so are our customers."

The camping industry too seems to be bucking the trend and on the up during the credit crunch. Camps sites are reporting healthy bookings and camping equipment sales are rising too.

Lene Cox of Camping Caradon, Looe, Cornwall told the Student Guardian: "Despite the terrible weather people are definitely thinking of cheaper holidays.S&L Cox"

A family holiday abroad can cost thousands while a break tenting can be an attractive and cheap alternative. "Camping was definitely up last year and has been busier for us. Even though we are always fully booked from the start of kids' holiday to after August Bank holiday last year we had a lot more desperate people trying to book with us," Lene Cox said.

Related businesses are also benefiting from the flourishing camping sector. While household goods sales have been falling sales of camping equipment are proving resistant to the current financial squeeze. Blacks Leisure has reported healthy sales and said that customers were choosing camping trips over foreign holidays. Tesco Direct has also said that year-on-year camping equipment sales rose 38%.Caradon Looe

When you consider that a family can go camping for a week for the price of staying in a London hotel room for a single night it is hardly surprising that camp sites are defying the credit crunch. Similarly, a typical night out on the town can easily cost a couple £30.00 for drinks alone while staying in with a jug of home-brew can be as cheap to produce as 15p a pint.

Despite the talk of the next great depression there are a few bright spots in the economy and home- brew and camping businesses are doing just fine. So, as the going gets tough, why not carry on camping and don’t forget to save some space in the car for a flagon of your favourite home-brew.  Have a good crunch.